39 Days

Today marks 39 days. 39 days until sleeping in until noon on Friday is no longer an option. 39 days until I need to start planning my move across the country.

These past four years have gone by so quickly, I still feel like the little freshman who just moved in to her dorm to start her big college career. Now that I only have 39 days left until graduation, I’m wondering how I’m going to feel in 40 days.

Ever since living in California this summer, I have been beyond excited to move back to the Bay Area, live with my boyfriend (and non-existent puppy), and start my full-time job. Every day that I get closer to graduation though, I keep thinking about the one thing I’m going to miss most about college, and that is the people. By looking at my resume, it’s easy to see that I got very involved with my school, and over the years, I’ve developed this very small, tight-knit family that has become so familiar to me. I’m going to miss seeing my best friend every day, and not walking into my house without my roommate to watch Sex and the City with.

39 days until every changes and, now that it’s really this close, I’m not sure how I’m going to say goodbye.

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