How To Decide If Grad School Is For You

Grad School, or no Grad School

With half of my undergraduate degree finished and Junior year in full swing and recruiting season fast approaching, I have been thinking about my future and what I want to do with the rest of my life (sounds crazy for a 20 year old, I know). One option I have been heavily weighing is grad school and specifically my MBA. Browsing online I have seen hundreds of articles about why you should get your MBA, why you shouldn’t, etc. While reading my daily dose of The Muse, Dr. Suzanne Gelb (who incredibly holds 2 PhDs and a law degree) wrote an article on questions to ask yourself when debating about grad school.

These questions below are not only going to help me decide if I want to attend grad school, but also what I want to get out of it. If you have any insight into grad school or an MBA please comment below and let me know your thoughts!


Career Guidance - Should I Go to Grad School? 5 Questions to Make Sure it's the Right Move

Should I Go to Grad School? 5 Questions to Make Sure it’s the Right Move

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