How To Find The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit for a company can be a scary thing, and most of the time you find your niche by trial-and-error. While trial-and-error may prove to be effective for some, it is not the most efficient method if I do say so myself. Not only do you have to be good for a […]

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How To Really Use LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn today is one of the most useful tools an aspiring professional can take advantage of. Right when I signed up for LinkedIn, I made a point to include as much relevant information about myself as possible, from my computing classes taken to my interests outside of technology. While it may seem like common […]

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How To Understand Millennials

How To Understand Millenials

There are many pros and cons to being a part of the millennial generation. We are deemed as being tech-savvy, but also privileged and spoiled. Like I said, pros and cons. However, as millennials are entering the workforce more, businesses are realizing how millennials, including myself, are trying to change the business culture. We want […]

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Unique Interview Questions To Ask

Unique Interview Questions

While talking to many of my peers and interviewers, I have found that at the end of an interview, when asked “Do you have any questions for me?”, most people respond with “No”. No matter how stellar your interview was, you basically just ruined for yourself. The questions that you ask the interviewer at the […]

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