What Success Means

Recently I have been struggling with feeling pressured to be successful, and have been thinking about what “success” means to me. I still haven’t found the answer, and something tells me I never truly will. What success means to each person evolves as your life evolves. Junior year of high school, success meant passing the […]

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How To Tackle Friday

Productive Friday

It’s only Wednesday and I’m already planning on my weekend and wishing it was Friday! Being a second semester senior (and having no Friday classes) makes it sound like I would be beyond productive, but that doesn’t always happen. I’m probably the only 22 year old who wishes this, but I’m excited when I start […]

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Let’s Talk About Success

Grow Your Career Fastest

When talking to older professionals and from my personal experience, most college students and adults in their 20’s focus on the best opportunities that can make them a lot of money really fast. While this may be a good goal for some, it is not ideal for everyone and by the time you figure that […]

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